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Online job offers

With the help of our search function, you will receive a selection of vacancies filtered according to your search parameters. You can conveniently apply directly for these jobs using the online form.

Blind applications online

If no suitable job offer is visible to you – don’t give up straight away: Just send us your unsolicited application. To do this, use the corresponding online form and upload your résumé, XING or LinkedIn profile. Onyx Circle always has the Swiss job market on its radar and constantly receives personnel inquiries that also match your profile. In any case, we will contact you after receiving your unsolicited application.

Define your current situation together with our experts

After you have registered, we will invite you to a personal interview. A supervisor with the same industry-specific background as you will find out with you what your needs and goals are, where you stand and which of your specialist and social skills you can boast with. In addition, our experts will work with you to optimize your application documents where necessary.

Continuous information on job offers

Onyx Circle works according to the principle of proactive cooperation, both in terms of applicants and our long list of Swiss companies always looking for personnel. For this reason, we communicate actively with our active candidates, e.g. through periodic status messages via E-Mail.

Interview preparation with our experts

As soon as we receive your invitation for an interview with a company, we will immediately invite you to a preparatory coaching session. Our recruiting experts have the same professional background as the recruiters who conduct the job interview with you in the company. Nobody else could better prepare you for the questions that are asked during such interviews than our HR experts.

And all of this is absolutely free for you.

6 steps to success

1. Application

We are pleased that you have found a suitable position that meets your requirements - you are welcome to send us your documents for examination without obligation

2. Feedback

After submitting your documents, we will check them. You will receive feedback in any case, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. We also plan your career with you and support you

3. Introductory talk

In the event of positive feedback, we will contact you for an introductory meeting, during which we will discuss the position and other possible options.

4. Job interview

For the interview with our customer, we would be happy to advise you on the preparation in order to maximize your chances.

5. Employment contract

Sie haben ein Angebot erhalten und haben hierzu noch Fragen? Als Mediator zwischen Ihnen und dem Unternehmen unterstützen wir Sie gerne bei Lohnverhandlungen oder sonstigen noch offenen Punkten.

6. Follow-up care

Have you successfully started your new position and would like to address any questions you may have with your employer? We support you in this. Even after the successful placement, we remain your contact person and, if necessary, take over communication with the company.

We also plan your career with you and support you Through professional change processes.

Using our own processes and well-known work tools, coaching tools and tests, you work together with our experts to define some promising, realistic work goals for you, and we support you all the way and until you have actually implemented your professional perspectives.

What we do for candidates:

  • application handling
  • consultancy services after commencement of job
  • career consultancy
  • figures & facts about the companies
  • proactive cooperation
  • proactive status messages
  • contractual employment