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About Onyx Circle

Jobseekers on the one side – employers on the other.
Onyx Circle acts as the middleman, bringing both sides together.

Tino Glanze Co-CEO & Partner
Over the past 15 years, Tino has built up an extensive network in the Swiss construction and real estate industry. He has developed an enduring reputation as a reliable partner.

079 665 00 03
Dominik Müller Co-CEO & Partner, Head of Engineering & Manufacturing

Dominik has worked in the engineering & manufacturing sector since 2016 and helps employers find suitable specialists and executives, and vice versa.

079 2279898
Arianit Bytyqi Co-CEO & Partner
Arianit takes care of our specialists and executives in addition to clients from the construction and real estate sector. With several years of experience and growth behind him, he's happy to help you reach the next step with his extensive network.

077 227 77 76
Damian Waller Head of Talent Sourcing
After completing basic training in construction and several years working in the industry, Damian offers enthusiastic and passionate support in the construction & real estate sectors.

076 383 74 53
Max Radtke Sourcing Specialist
Once he was done with his apprenticeship as a production mechanic, Max discovered his love for working with people during his technical sales training. He can actively help you find suitable employees and employers in the fields of engineering & manufacturing.

079 227 32 32

Onyx Circle unites talented applicants and companies looking to build a brighter future. Our team of headhunting specialists are always actively on the look for talented applicants in the construction and real estate, engineering, manufacturing and digitalisation sectors.

The areas we specialise in are based on our extensive network within these industries, making us a strong partner when it comes to finding key personnel. Employers also benefit from our top talent database, which contains a large number of suitable applicants that we can put you in touch with at any time.

We take pride in always being at the cutting edge of technology and developing new recruiting methods and services as required.

First and foremost, we can count on a dedicated team with extensive recruiting expertise and personal professional experience coupled with many years of knowledge about market requirements in the construction & real estate, engineering & manufacturing and digitalisation sectors.

How can we help? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Your questions, opinions, grievances, requests and suggestions are key to our success. We’d love to hear from you in a personal message or query sent to one of our offices – either by phone or in writing using our contact form.

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8050 Zürich, Thurgauerstrasse 54