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IT / Digitalization

Specialised in job services and recruiting within the area of Digitalization.

To our advisors within the area of digital modelling & simulation, industry 4.0 is not only a trend but everyday life. Our team members are special because: They come from various backgrounds such as administration and management or industry and construction. They have all dedicated themselves to the occupations of the future – and thereby to Digitalisation.

Digitalisation is changing all areas of our economy and the relevant labour markets in a sustainable way. Methods of interconnected planning, implementation and management through the use of software dominate the areas of construction and real estate, as well as industrial areas, by increasing the use of automation.

We assist companies in facing the digital business transformation process in a proactive way by offering advice related to forward-looking candidate profiles.

Our advisors within this area also assist employees in taking the match-decisive step towards a digital future by searching for new employers and jobs or work on planning and implementing new professional goals.

By using well-known processes and work tools, coaching tools and tests, not only do we plan realistic career paths in cooperation with our candidates, we also accompany them through their professional processes of change until they have reached their goals.

If your company needs Man & Brain Power in the field of digitalization, to the right place.

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