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Use your valuable time to focus on your core business.

We’ll take care of finding the best candidates for your vacancies.

Do you urgently require specialists and executives? As headhunters and recruiters with years of experience under our belts, we have developed a fine-tuned service to find and hire the perfect candidates for the jobs.

Looking for new employees is a thing of the past. In our ever-changing world, the priority is now determining which kind of employees you require. That’s why we generally rely on the following process:
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Kick-off profile definition

During our first meeting with the members of the management team and/or HR department in charge of the new hire at your company, we identify all key requirements candidates need to satisfy and establish a relevant target group.

Looking for a candidate

Our recruiting experts conduct a targeted search to find suitable talent using job ad campaigns and social business networks. You can also take advantage of our candidate pool and extensive network to find the ideal talented individuals for the job.
Als Headhunter suchen wir die passenden Führungskräfte
Nach der erfolgreichen Personalvermittlung bleiben wir in Kontakt und helfen ihnen


As part of the Onyx Circle guarantee, we set up periodic calls with our candidates and the person in charge of the new hire at your company after the hire in order to see how things are going.

6 steps for a successful candidate search

1. Create an initial profile

During the initial meeting with the decision makers at your company, we work together to establish the requirements candidates need to fulfil and define a corresponding target group.

2. Selecting a candidate

Our recruiting experts will hunt for suitable candidates and cover the entire market of potential candidates using a job ad campaign, our candidate pool and social business networks.

3. Presenting candidates

We will create a comprehensive dossier on the basis of an interview, which will then be submitted to you for review.

4. Interview

Our recruiting managers would be happy to organise in-person interviews between you and the selected candidates.

5. Managing job offers

We act as a mediator between you and the candidate. If requested, we can also help you draft contracts and conduct other administrative tasks.

6. Collecting references and follow-up support

On request, our HR manager can collect references on the selected candidate and assist you and the candidate during the onboarding stage.