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Reserve your valuable time for your core business.

In the meantime, we will find suitable employees for you.

You urgently need managers or specialists. We provide the perfect identification and recruitment service.

Finding personnel is a thing of the past. In our ever-changing world, is it more about finding out what kind of personnel is needed. – Therefore, we usually stick to the following reliable procedure:

fur arbeitgeber

Kick-off profile definition

During the first meeting with the responsible people from the management team and/or HR department of your company, we identify all candidate requirements and define a relevant target group.

Talent spotting ​

Our recruiting experts look specifically for the right talent – with the help of a job advertisement campaign, our database sourcing and networking as well as social business networks.

Als Headhunter suchen wir die passenden Führungskräfte
Nach der erfolgreichen Personalvermittlung bleiben wir in Kontakt und helfen ihnen


As part of the Onyx Circle guarantee, we organise a periodic information exchange with our candidates and with the contact persons from your company after employment.

6 steps for a successful search

1. Kick-off profile definition

We are pleased that you have found a suitable position that meets your requirements - you are welcome to send us your documents for examination without obligation

2. Selection

After submitting your documents, we will check them. You will receive feedback in any case, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. We also plan your career with you and support you

3. Present

In the event of positive feedback, we will contact you for an introductory meeting, during which we will discuss the position and other possible options. We also plan your career with you and support you Through professional change

4. Interview

For the interview with our customer, we would be happy to advise you on the preparation in order to maximize your chances.

5. Offer management

Sie haben ein Angebot erhalten und haben hierzu noch Fragen? Als Mediator zwischen Ihnen und dem Unternehmen unterstützen wir Sie gerne bei Lohnverhandlungen oder sonstigen noch offenen Punkten.

6. Reference collection and aftercare

Have you successfully started your new position and would like to address any questions you may have with your employer? We support you in this. Even after the successful placement, we remain your contact person and, if necessary, take over communication with the company.