Jobs in der Energiewirtschaft in Wilhelmshaven

Green Energy Hub in Wilhelmshaven

Actively contribute to the energy revolution and help create a sustainable and climate-neutral future with green energy! Current job vacancies at the Green Energy Hub in Wilhelmshaven.

We’re looking for employees who want to do their part to help Germany convert to sustainable energy sources on behalf of TES (Tree Energy Solutions). TES (Tree Energy Solutions) aims to provide a globally acting, sustainable green energy system powered by renewable energy sources (sun, wind and hydroelectric) to reduce carbon emissions in the long term. The company plans on achieving this by using renewable power to sustainably produce green hydrogen with zero carbon emissions. Green energy hubs are currently being built at various locations throughout Europe and in North America, with the first major European Green energy hub being built Wilhelmshaven. Planned to start operations in 2027, the hub will produce and trade sustainable, cost-effective and climate-neutral green energy.  TES (Tree Energy Solutions) offers a fascinating renewable energy project environment for qualified specialists with a technical degree in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, process technology or civil engineering. Do your part to actively contribute to the energy revolution and shape the sustainable, climate-neutral growth of the energy industry with TES (Tree Energy Solutions). Apply now to work at the Green Energy Hub in Wilhelmshaven.

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