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When talents run out.

Talents are aptitudes that a person brings with them and which, through plenty of training, can lead to top performance.

In times of digitization and a changing world of work, companies need high-performing employees more than ever. The reason: Companies are competing for the best talent, as there is an acute shortage of skilled workers in many industries – and this is increasingly happening in Switzerland.

Would you like to attract precisely these unique and supportive talents for your company? Would you like to stand out from your competition? You have come to the right place!

However, there are no such talented candidates like a dime a dozen and cannot simply be conjured up. The premise is that problems such as declining loyalty to employers, changes in job profiles and the resulting “war for talent” will spread in today’s and future labor market.

“Where the gifts are, there are the tasks,” says a well-known saying. When selecting and positioning employees, it is primarily a matter of understanding not only which curriculum vitae and experiences the candidate has, but which motivational, cognitive and relationship talents he / she has.

This assumes that a talent target profile is created for the advertised position. Real talent management is therefore faced with the task of creating talent profiles for defined roles and checking applicants for these talents in the interviews.

Our task here is to identify precisely these people who may hold key positions in your company as possible high performers in the future and to win them over to your company.

It can be said that well thought-out talent management will become more and more important in the future. In the “war for talent” and in a world of shortage of skilled workers, the employer or we, Onyx Circle AG, are in the supplier position and must, especially when it comes to positions with a high requirement profile, vie for the favor of the talents and then accordingly include – with everything that goes with it.

With its well thought-out and well-engineered internal processes, Onyx Circle AG can set the right measures and incentives with the help of our talent target profile and ensure that the pending position is filled by a perfectly suitable successor – as explained above, we don’t just go here focus on the “hard skills”, but also place great value on the “soft skills” of potential candidates.

We are always at your disposal for more information on this topic.